Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 17

With Jade, it wasn’t just that she had all those cats or was a hoarder.   It was her incredible dishonesty. Her attempt to deceive with not one shred of possibility that it could be true, was stunning.

I think Jade  actually believed what she was saying while she was saying it.  As if  saying it made it true.  Then, it evaporated into the ether of her lies.

My friends had to physically see her, hear her, for what I was saying was beyond belief.  I was happy to have witnesses who could confirm my ‘findings’.

The evidence is there.  

Jade is no daughter of nobility.  If her parents had money they didn’t earn it legally.   If she ever lived in a fancy house, it would be in a side room.  

If she went to those name brand schools she couldn’t speak as badly as she did.

If she had been a successful whatever (chef? real estate agent? promoter) she wouldn’t find a tin of tuna ‘expensive’ .

Jade claimed to have a job but was sitting on the veranda.   I saw her.  There is no way she could deny that. Yet, she would continue lying.

My friends and I wondered if she was insane.


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Written by jaylar

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