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Courage and Confidence

The words are very similar and the meanings are very different. Unless you have learned and possess both the equation may never be complete. Confidence and courage are simple keys that unlock many doors.

Today I was thinking about why I write and for whom. I guess I mostly write for myself as I try to learn, grow, sort out, and become the person I hope to see in the mirror every day.  So here I am writing for an audience of one, myself. That doesn’t seem to make much sense. 

Does it take courage to share and talk about hard things or does it just create information and tools for those who desire to see others fail? Am I simply creating ammunition for others to use to tear me down? Can I make myself bulletproof and still be loving and caring?

I grew up in a place where teamwork meant everything. It wasn’t a perfect place. In the winter we left the cars running with the keys in them so they wouldn’t freeze up and we could get home. Occasionally someone had a little fun moving the car to a new spot, but there was never one stolen.

A stranger moved into our home and lived in the attic for months. We had no idea. He would wait until we went to bed to eat in the kitchen. Our very predictable schedule worked for him. He would come and go based on our routines. 

There was no malice when he was discovered. He scared Mom because she thought he was scary. She did hit him with a frying pan, but she apologized and took him to the doctor. He continued to live in our home as he had for the next two years.

That’s the kind of world I want to live in.


What do you think?

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  1. the thought of your mother whacking the guy with a pan, apologizing then driving him to the Doctor says a lot about your mother and by extension, you.

    It is so important that we trust when we can!

    As far as your initial statement, I don’t think you write for you. I think you “write your journey” and include us in that!

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