Could You Have Super-Powers?

I believe that people that have super-natural powers may just be about the sensivitivity of their souls. I am super sensitive to all that comes toward me, and I have been told that I have discernment. A couple I just met years ago was shocked when I told the, what could help their marriage. She told me that I must have discernment.

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I know someone in my family that has been telling her loved ones when she had  bad feelings. Usually something happened close to that time. This person was adopted, and had been locked in closets when she was around 5 years old. Could that be a reason at all for being so sensitive to having premonitions. Many family members would ask her before having surgery if she had a bad feeling, and if she said no, they would have it done most likely.

I know for a fact that many times she had one of her feeling tragedy hit somewhere within the family.

Years ago I would have said someone was crazy to think such a thing, but within many years she has not been wrong to my recall. She is a Christian not a fortune teller, but I feel she got these feeling because as a young child she was forced to become super sensitive, and now as her years go buy she continues to have them.

She has never once tried to fortune tell. She does not believe in it, but these feelings come without her asking for them.

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What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna

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  1. You have a good an interesting question. Maybe I’ve made you all bored for I am the one who too often talks such things, but once again I could tell that everybody actually has a super-power within themselves. This power at least can perform as “feel” that gives us some kind of signs for our comforts or vice versa, to alert, and so on.
    Indeed, not everyone feels talented, interest, intended to enhance the ability from our great resources but for those who have these sensitivities, the power flows by its self even though still has a limit, except…

  2. Interesting comments about super powers. I think most people are capable of these things, because their experience teaches them how to read people that they don’t know but a behaviour pattern.

    If you go to get into a lift and see a man who doesn’t look anything, and then suddenly all the hairs of your neck stand on end.
    My advice is not to go into the lift.

    Most people fail to realise that they also have super powers but often don’t use them.

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