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Before I Continue Posting I Want To Apologize….. + Thank You Virily For Making a Forum !!!!! ;)

I just want to apologize for my previous post, I Just Want To Thank Jadelynx For Downvoting My And Some Other Members’ Posts, and want to explain it further….. I don’t feel pleasant for writing it, there is a bigger reason for writing it, not just because of the “downvote” thing, but I don’t feel pleasant to express those things, so I will just say I regret (in a way :)) for publishing something like that…! Also, people, don’t worry, you all have the right to downvote someone’s post, like I said there was a bigger reason this downvoting affected me (and my Virily friend)…..

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, seems that there is a new change in the process, a Forum!!!!!!! ? When you put your mouse on the 3 dots in your menu, where “More” is written, you will see an option for “Forums”!….. When you click on it you will see there are several options, like “Topics Started”, “Replies Created”, etc. Although I still don’t understand how this works, or whether it even started working, it seems that it is in the process of making…..! ? I tried to find a way (an option) to make a forum topic but couldn’t so if it started working and we just don’t know how it works, I hope a Virily editor or admin will explain it to us…

Also, some small notes for the Virily editors and admins

– the black pop-up notifications in the top right corner are a great idea (my personal opinion), only now they kind of make the access to the Notifications, Settings, etc. on the small pop-up menu in the top right corner a little tricky because the pop-up menu is hard to hold on the screen while moving a mouse over the black notifications…… 

– it would be nice to have an “Italic letters” option too when writing a Story because I copied this text from one other sheet and can’t turn it back into normal letters now… 

– there is a problem on the main page, some posts aren’t showing right away the page is uploaded, they just pop up sometime later somewhere in the middle when I upload the same page several times or some other day…… Thank you!!!

Thank you for visiting!!! 🙂


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  1. Yes, well, these platforms are microcosms for reality…try being a mythic engagement agent. Many do not care for anonymous, autonomous, anomalous catfish, some write entire paragraphs describing how slimy I am to them…Water off a ducks’ butt. I do what I do, when, where and why for me, so I keep aloof and do not swim in groups, schools or forums, nor solicit likes, shares or followers. I will have fun and no humans can stop me. A swirl of a tail fin and a Cheshire catfish grin! SpLaSh! >-=^;>

          • Grin. Forgive my cryptic nature and do not take fish gibberish too seriously. Virily is still new and a small player, (a small start). My fault for assuming this was your primary outlet. Are you on yahooglepinstafacetwitbook as well?

        • It’s ok, no need to apologize 😉 I didn’t understand what you meant – you meant Virily, and my thought was you meant my artworks…! hah 😀 lol Yes, it is probably still small (:/)… It is kind of “primary” since currently I don’t have much time to post on other sites, although it would probably be much better if I did… :/ 🙂

  2. I am mostly MIA so I am not updated with your posts — will catch up when I’m done with fam emergency. Anyway, like Della I got WTF and downvote and that is fine, I think, coz we live in democratic world. HOWEVER, if a person is bold enough to downvote or vote WTF, I think that person should likewise have the BALLS and the DECENCY to give his/her reason for such action. THAT is the FAIR thing to do. Unless that person’s intention is only to mess up with you.

    I want to add that as writers and bloggers, we NEED to LEARN to ACCEPT the fact that if we share our works with the world then we are bound to invite both positive and negative reaction. As such, it is to our advantage to LEARN to DETACH ourselves from such issues. But never return the poison with poison as this world needs saner people ?.

    • Ok, it’s ok, don’t worry, and sorry to hear that, I hope it’s not serious and that everything will be ok…!
      Yes, I understand what you mean, he/she could explain in the comments… Although sometimes I even wouldn’t want to hear an explanation especially if it comes from a person which just has a manner in that kind of a behavior like I thought this was the case… Although, besides a downvote a got a “Cute” reaction so go figure it out “what a writer wanted to say”….. ;D (it is an expression)

      Hahah, I do agree!… 😀 Although that DID (sorry) pi**ed me off so this time I turned “the favor” back… ;D But like you have seen in the text above, regreted it….. 😉

  3. I understand where you are coming from. I had some down votes as well and it really is disheartening. If I don’t like what I read I just won’t say anything at all. Why must I go and show my negativity to that person? It is unnecessary. What makes me upset, there’s someone who marks my posts with the WTF reaction.

    • Exactly!….. Thank you much for your very kind comment and your understanding, I feel your sincere words and I agree…..!
      I probably wouldn’t react that much if there was no previous “background story” to this, but I agree it is not that pleasant either way….. 😉
      Really….?!? I can see everything is possible… I later saw that the person who downvoted my post reacted with “Cute”, so maybe that downvote wasn’t that bad in the intention…… (wtf???? lol ;)) 😉

      • Hahah… I don’t mind reactions, I just see a huge difference between Downvote and Cute… 😉
        Maybe it was during the time when we were getting Virils for reacting and voting on other people’s posts, it just seems that no one noticed….. Everyone is complaining about those notifications and they aren’t aware those were for the Virils they earned….. 😉

    • Actually I wouldn’t know about it either if there wasn’t the person who downvoted my post….. 🙂 I agree, but like I said in the comments before and in the text, there was something else, a bigger reason, a background story and another downvote on my Virily friend’s post who also had the same problem with her before…..

      • I understand your frustration, but if I undertand correctly you both got a single downvote each? This could easily be a mistake, an unfortunate coincidence. I have positive impression of her so far.
        In general, I don’t like this like/dislike or upvote/downvote system, because it can get too controveral and there are indeed people who abuse it. And even if someone gives a reasonable dislike, it’s seen as something bad. Why is there this option if people can’t use it? I personally wouldn’t use it, because I don’t like wasting my time in criticism and negativity. I like instagram where you give a heart if you like something, and just go ahead if you don’t. You know that not everyone likes everything, so I think that we shouldn’t let things like that have a big impact on us. Not to mention that many people give upvotes just to appear in your notifications or to gain upvote points. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon and I’m looking forward to seeing how the forum goes. 🙂

        • Thank you very much for your comment!
          I’m not frustrated anymore, actually I felt bad for exposing these things….. We both had a problem with her before….. It could be a mistake…..
          I agree, it is not a big thing, of course everyone has the right do downvote, it just bothered me because of the previous background story and the thing that she previously did that to that other Virily user that also had a problem with her before… So it just looked mean or just a certain manner of behavior, but I really don’t bother about it anymore nor should have had…..

          Thank you, i do feel better, and, yes, we are looking forward to seeing the new feature…..! 🙂
          Best to you!!!

  4. I think many things are a learning curve. Anyone who is prepared to learn can do something, but then again no one can know it all. Some things, I had to be told by Virily and they were very nice about it too. Im grateful for this site and the people here have also taught me a lot.

    • Well, I felt bad for calling on a member publicly and writing those things about her, but I just exploded at the moment so that is why I did that….. 😐 Yes, it is useful to have it here when the admins are not around to answer our questions…..

    • Yes, and the great thing is that we started the idea….. 😉 It came when the problems on the site arose so we started talking about it and came to an idea that it would be great to have a forum, the actual place where we could discuss those things, because admins are not always around to answer our questions, so it seems they listened…..! 🙂

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