Contacting Elvis Beyond the Grave

Some strange occurrences have been happening lately which I know sometimes occur when the seasons change. It is usually a time when you can best get in contact with the world beyond. There are those who believe and those who don’t it all depends on your own point of view. It did remind me of an incident that happened in my life when I was still living in New York.

It was odd indeed and perhaps there will be those of you who might think that I imagined it all but I do have a sixth sense and have had previous experiences with the paranormal. This was around a year after Elvis had passed on. I was spending a quiet evening alone. My mom had gone to visit some of her friends and I was listening to Elvis records. There I was sitting and thinking about how sad it was that Elvis was no longer among the living. One of the songs I was playing had words about loneliness and understanding. I sort of said aloud that I understood how Elvis must have felt at times when the world seemed to be closing in on him. With time I remembered the song and it was “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry.”

It was after this moment that the lights sort of flickered in the room and I suddenly noticed that the record kept repeating itself on those words of loneliness and understanding. Well of course at first I sighed thinking that the record had a scratch in it. So I took off the needle and cleaned it up and put that same song on once more. Deep in thought, it stopped right at that point again and repeated several times. Well, I took off the record this time and wiped it clean and for the life of me I couldn’t see any scratches. So I looked up and sort of said Elvis are you trying to tell me something? The lights flickered.

Well having already seen some strange things in my life I didn’t let it phase me. I mean who would if they might have contacted Elvis. So I carefully put the record on once more and again the needle stopped at that one point and the lights flickered some more. So I sort of shook my head and I looked up and I said at least we understand each other Elvis. Suddenly the table lamp that had been on but was not too bright became quite bright and then returned to normal. It got me to thinking so I did the logical thing because it seemed as though our contact was through. I put that song on one more time and it played through with no stopping whatsoever. In fact, after that whenever I listened to that record again there was never any interruption again ever.

The lines that kept repeating? In case you’re curious. I no longer have the record it remained with my stepdaughter in Latvia but I remember that feeling and that night and even as I listen to this song on YouTube now I get shivers hearing these words –

“And as I wonder where you are

I’m so lonesome I could cry”


What do you think?


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