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Come Walk In the Snow With Me

Here are some photos of the snowy scenes that I was faced with every winter in Riga, Latvia. We lived in the suburbs and there was a kind of beauty to the snow all around and in the garden.


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  1. I will tell you why I did cry instead of love or cute. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota with harsh winters and I hated them. I do not miss winter there or snow. I live in Jerusalem now and we still have nice weather till about December and then it gets cold and in our winters we need the rain. Sometimes it snows here but it mostly snows in the North where they have skiing. I hate winter but live with it here.

    • My winters are now memories since I no longer live in Latvia. The state of Florida in the US, of course, has no snow. Before I went to Latvia one winter I was in Minneapolis and I remember winding up in a snowdrift up to my waist.

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