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#ColorCrazy Orange: Tribute to Kim’s Tenacity

This is the first time I have tried to participate in a challenge here on Virily, and it is happening solely  thanks to Kim’s tenacity.  Besides my orange tree which is full of colorful fruit, I have three orange planters in the shape of minimalist cats.

They were an impulse item at the dollar store, as if I needed more STUFF.

I intended to put them outside but it has been raining so here they are indoors brightening up my plant “hospital” –that is where I root cuttings and that sort of thing by my brightest window.   They may get to stay inside, though, because I am becoming quite attached to them.

Did you know that the population of orange cats is predominantly male?  In fact about 80% of ginger tabbies are Toms, unlike calico cats which are more likely to be female.  Although orange cats tend to be less active than cats of other colors, the female gingers are less active than the males.

I have had a lot of cats of many different colors, but I have never had an orange cat, at least not until now.

Hopefully, the timing on this is right.  It is technically still Sunday, but by the time Virily editors approve my post it will probably be Monday.


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Written by Ann Hartley

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  1. Very pretty kitty cat. My cat Runt, I think falls into the category of yellow, orange tabby cats and he has a grand total of 21 claws instead of the usual 18. He has the thumbs on both front paws and five claws on his left back paw and six claws on his right back paw. He is called a polydactyl cat. Being a neutered male, he is not as active as you might think but still active enough and mischievous to boot. But being an avid grass eater, I think he would not be a match for you as he would try to eat all your plants… Sorry…

  2. Awe Ann, that cat is so cute. Not a bad dollar store item at all, I would of gotten him too. I did know that about the orange cats. Just look at Garfield. Typically ginger right? I have had an orange cat, they are super lovers too. Never had a female ginger though, not sure I have even seen one.


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