Clock tower- Belgrade

Clock tower above the gate that was on it was named the Clock Gate, was built in the period from 1740 to 1789. The appearance of the tower, with prominent baroque elements directly testify about the time of its occurrence. The tower was rebuilt in the mid-nineteenth century. Clock Tower is one of the few facilities at the Belgrade Fortress, which did not suffer major damage and still kept all the authentic architectural and stylistic features. Octagonal baroque tower, visible from all parts of the park and the tower has a clock with a central mechanism and weights. The tower (27.5 m) is sufficient that the timer between two winding can work up to a week. A ticking is not performed bells, which is the usual way, but the two gong. The timer has two hammers: lower ticking away the first quarter of time once, another two times, three times the third, fourth four times, while the larger hammer immediately after ticking as many hours as they were at that moment. At the end of the seventeenth century, in the context of repairs damaged southeastern walls, Venetian architect in the Austrian and then in the Turkish service, Andrea Cornaro, built the game clock gate.  Gate has a cell where the guard, weapons and other military material. In the side room Clock Gate Gallery of the Belgrade Fortress.


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