Clintons Body Count Murders…

The first video lists four people in the Clintons Body Count, which include John Kennedy Jr, Mary Mahoney, Vince Foster, and Linda Thompson. JFK Jr is the only familiar name, and I remember when his plane went down into the ocean because of some plane failure. JFK Jr, his wife, and her sister were on that plane, and they all died together. At the time, I felt there was some kind of conspiracy, but I wasn’t sure about the detail. It just seemed like one of those mafia hit jobs to silence them.

The second video lists five men murdered by the Clintons within a six-week period. They appear to be either activists, anti-Clintons, or exposing the Clintons in some way, and poof they magically disappear into thin air or into some covered up way. These men include Victor Thorn, Seth Rich, John Ash, Shawn Lucas, and Joe Montano. I have never heard of these men, probably because the mainstream media would never mention them, even though I don’t even watch the mainstream media anyway.

Who’s next? This is all getting ridiculous. They think they are playing some game…


What do you think?


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