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Classmate saves her best friend from choking on a food particle

Shailyn Ryan who is a third grade student who studied the use of the Heimlich maneuver when she enrolled in an after school course in Northboro Massachusetts is thankful that her skills came in handy shortly after best friend came close to losing her life when she choked on a hot dog that was stuck inside of her throat during lunch at the Marguerite Peasley Elementary School.

If there is one thing that amazes me is that a third grade student like Sahilyn has taken the time to learn these types of skills of using a move to remove a food object from the throat of a fellow student at such a young age.

The class where Shailyn learned how to use the Heimlich move is located at the Northboro Recreation Center which is a course that is taught after school ended. 

It is nice to see schools around the nation and world for that matter is having courses for young students to learn first aid and use of removing food objects from a fellow student who is choking on a food article which usually happens when a person tries to eat their food article too fast.

Shailyn admitted that she was nervous using the Heimlich move on Keira for the first time in her life in her young life. Thank God her first try to use the Heimlich move was successful to save the life of her best friend and classmate.   


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  1. Have you ever had that happen to you? I also learned this technique from 1st Aide training………We practiced that on each other and I assure you it is very painful
    However, if it saved the life of this girl, all the good.

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