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Church Hofskirkja simultaneously charming and creepy scene

Church Hofskirkja simultaneously charming and creepy scene thick grass cover which connects the country with a cute roof homes is one of the last examples of such architecture in Iceland. The church Hofskirkja surrounded by a unique cemetery, is a favorite of visitors who come lens to record an unusual building that looks like from the movies. Although many people knocking on the door, the church is not open for tours, but the window can be clearly seen Öræfi region in the southeast of Iceland, about 20 kilometers from the glacier Vatnajökull. Houses with grass roof made of stone and wood were common in the 19th century but were eventually overcome. Grass roof served as thermal insulation, and how to protect themselves from the cold, houses were partially dug into the ground. Hofskirkja was built in 1884. and fully reconstructed in the fifties of the last century. Behind her is the cemetery that is one of the many  they saw in Life.Is that the deceased make up closer than usual as each coffin taken over, but not below ground. As the roof churches, and tombs covering the grass. The reason for this custom is volcanic soil that is difficult to excavate.


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