Choose the Right Glass For Every Type of Beer

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world and one of the most favorite to many people. Every country that produces beers, makes it special and different from the others. So, today, there are so many various types. Each type differs from the other in taste, color, smell and because of the versatile types of beer there are different glasses for each of them.

01. Snifter

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Snifter glass is used for beers like Barley wine, Tripel, Eisbock, and Belgian strong Ales. This glass is a good choice for stronger varieties because it keeps all of the aroma in.

02. Stange

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This glass helps to preserve aromas because of its cylindrical shape. The most served beer in this glass is Kölsch beer, a style native to Cologne, Germany— but they’re also used for Bock and Altbier.

03. Pint


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This cheap and versatile type of glass is not designed for any type, but some people consider it as ideal for pouring a Belgian Ale.

04. Goblet

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This type of glassware has a wide opening that assists a beer drinker in analyzing the overall flavor profile and aromas and are great choices for heavy, malty beers, such as Belgian Ale and German Bock.

05. Weizen

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Weizen glasses are designed and used for wheat beers (Weizenbier).  The curved lip at the top of the glass encourages a thick foam head, allowing the full aroma and flavor that comes along with wheat beers.

06. Pislner

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Designed and used primarily for lighter beers, such as Pilsner. This tall glass which showcases carbonation and color, helps the beer retain its head and enhances its volatiles.

07. Tulip

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Tulips are designed to trap and maintain the foam head, and also helps enhance the flavor and aromatics of hoppy and malty brews.

08. Mug

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This glass is meant for easy drinking and allows plenty of volume, and since your hand isn’t directly on the glass it helps your beer stay cold longer.

09. Oktoberfest mug


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This is the same like the ordinary glass but is made for Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival in Germany.

10. Thistle

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The thistle glass resembles a stretched-out version of the tulip. This type of glass is typically reserved and designed for Scottish Ales, as the “thistle” is Scotland’s official flower. And like the snifter, it is commonly used for stronger brews, such as Double IPA, Belgian Ale and Barley wine .

The other three beer glasses are made for special occasion

11. Hopside down

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12. Boot


Boot Beer

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This boot glass was used from Germans for their victory. You can drink any beer you like in this glass.

13. Yard

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This is specialized glass for Kwak beer.


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Written by Nathalie West

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