Château de Chenonceau … 🇫🇷 France

Château de Chenonceau …  France 

Chenonceau Castle (Château de Chenonceau) is considered by many the most beautiful and most original French castle. Because of its beauty Chenonceau is the second (after the famous Versailles) Castle most visited tourist (every year about one million of them) in France, whose inhabitants he affectionately known by the name “Perla Valley of the Kings”. This is one of the castles whose photos can be seen everywhere, because of the arches over the river Cher. Château de Chenonceau was a gift of King Henry II to his mistress Diane de Poitiers. After King’s death, his widow Catherine de ‘Medici appropriates the property. In the First World War the castle was converted into a military hospital, and during World War II served to help those who were on the side of the river occupied by the Nazis. The current appearance of the castle was designed and designed by the Renaissance architect Fiber Delorme,


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