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Charles Vance Millar

31 October 1926. Charles Vance Millar, a famous and wealthy Canadian lawyer, has died at the age of 73. Halloween night was suitable for his death, because he enjoyed the jokes. Millar loved practical jokes and a lot of time spent carrying out jokes like leaving the bills on the floor and hiding to see who will pick them up. But it was only a warm-up. His latest experiment, and also its largest made in the will. In fact, he has promised a huge sum of money for the family from Toronto that she had the most babies in the 10-year period and this period is counted immediately after his death. When people heard about the will immediately went to work. The amount of today’s $ 10 million was enough to everyone for a lifetime, and even more were forced on to the Great Depression that followed soon after lawyer death. In the meantime, problems have arisen because of a sudden started to occur relatives of the deceased and to ask for your money. However after the trial of four families who had nine children – Timlecks, Nagles, Smiths and Macleans – are divided couples and each has received about 2.5 million today. The figure family Timlecks.


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