Celebrity Rants Continue…

Wednesday, 9.2.20

It is interesting to check out videos about celebrity rants because it is interesting to see what will come out of their mouth next. I think they are just trying to keep themselves alive in the industry since they aren’t getting much, if any, work these days. And, all these celebrities are desperate for attention and adoration. It is all a psychological issue because they are all mental, and I just happen to have a BA in social science. So, I enjoy analyzes these mental cases, mostly for entertainment purposes. 

#2 Crazy Rose McGowan SLAMS Natalie Portman’s WOKE Oscars Dress & Calls Out Her Hollywood Hypocrisy!

Rose McGowan calls out Natalie Portman. Although both of these actresses are annoying and I don’t watch either actress’ work, I am sure they both do the same thing to get their job. Neither actress is really a good actress. It is all about personality. Natalie Portman is full of bs to get attention and empathy from others to further promote her as something she isn’t. I am sure Rose does the same thing for her issues in the media because that is basically their job as celebrity puppets.

But Rose hasn't been getting reason work, probably because her benefactor is now in prison and cannot provide her with jobs. Natalie probably still has her connections who are helping her get work. To me, that is probably the only difference between these two cunts. 


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