Catching Karma

When Charlie left her, Marie was inconsolable. It had taken her by surprise, it had devastated her.

She, a professional woman, who had never cracked under pressure, was now incapable of getting off the sofa.

Marie sat down at sometime past seven n the evening, and didn’t realise how much time passed until she heard the birds singing outside.

Married for thirty years, grown children and grand children. And Charlie had left.

All of the things that he wore, he took, leaving back the suits and the ties, the dress shoes, the old stuff. He’d taken his documents, his treasures,leaving the closets with empty spaces.

He hadn’t left a note.

Perhaps if he had told her why, but then, he had.

For the past three months he had shown his dissatisfaction. He’d sold his business, he’d taken his retirement package.

He’d said he wanted to travel.

She had a job, an important job. She couldn’t just leave.

So he did.


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Written by jaylar

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