Career Plan: Say No to Dead-End-Job!

Career Planning is the most important thing for the people to consider in their lives. It would be a waste of time working without even planning for future careers. The wrong notion is to have a job and that’s enough. It is not ideal to work in a certain company without any career growth. Easy-go-lucky personality can lead you to nowhere. Time is ticking and cannot even stop how fast it runs on a daily basis.

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There is nothing wrong if you will file a resignation to your boss’s table. Why? Because you need to find a niche that will lead to quality life and can give career opportunity. If you think that it is a dead-en-job, then you need to find a better job. Don’t be afraid of changes. It is a part of life to gamble and taking the risk is also a good way to face the challenges.

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For newly graduated students from the university, it is fine to work in companies that can offer basic salaries. Since most companies prefer to hire applicants who are well-experienced in respective expertise or field. They can take the chance to gain experience and move to the next level once acquired the necessary skills required by well-known companies. It is the reality of truth in finding a better job.

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We don’t need to envy those people who had their instant position in certain companies due to nepotism. In reality, these people are incompetent and it will show in the long run. What a shame, right? If you had gained enough soft skills, you might even get this higher position. That’s the part of knowing the career path. Some people forecast their future and stopped believing if there is no hope for promotion. Thus, he or she refused to have a dead-end job for the betterment of oneself.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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