Can We Stop Being Judgmental

There are times that people are so judgmental to others. In our society, they tend to judge people with good physical appearance. They perceived them with so many negative descriptions. “Can we blame these people?” I think we cannot also judge them for perceiving somebody with good looks. As they said, it is a “freedom of speech”. It seems overrated phrase for people who think superficial.

In every institution or organization, we can see nibblers who love to nibble others. They tend to break them apart just to let them fall into the ground. Take note, it happens when a new employee is so gorgeous. As expected, the nibblers will gather together and create so many stories without any basis at all. It is a big sign of insecurity against this innocent newcomer in the company.

Let us twist the wrong notion about good looking men or women that they don’t have skills to offer. It is all about insecurity to judge others by thinking like this. God never created unequally. Instead, we are created with different uniqueness physically and emotionally. Thus, we cannot judge people because of their physical attributes. That’s the wrong move of some. They started to scrutinize others without even knowing them first. In fact, you are also hurting your own egoistic behavior.

If there is a newcomer in the company, take the time to introduce oneself. It will not hurt your feelings if you tried to know other people. We should need to consider to know first a stranger in life, before throwing so many criticisms. Take the time to talk with them. Who knows? Along the way of being acquainted, you will know the person from inside and out. At the end of the day, you had done something good and were able to know somebody in your life.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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