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Can Someone Explain Me This FAKE User And His 45,500 Virils, And Some Other Fake Users!!!!!?

Hi all!

I was looking at the Ranks in the Menu and accidentally saw one user (visit the link to see his profile) having 45,498ย Virils and NOT ONE POST!!! He has only a few reactions and upvotes but NOT ONE POST!!!!! Can someone please explain me this?????!

Also, I must notice that there were a lot of suspicious users that were NEVER active here nor are active now! (I’m not sure if their profiles still exist), ย but followed me one after another like crazy at one time before… There was certainly something like 50 or more of them…! It is not ok to mention this but since it looked very suspicious to me and still kind of is…, they were all of the similar nationality and I was kind of worried who were those people…!

Have you experienced something like that…..?!!


What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. It seems really fishy, like really really fishy.

    There is a limit on how much Virils you can get per day (excluding the referral) so perhaps the person is indeed referring people but a ton of them that does nothing! No posts, no comments, no activities, just taking up server memories, parking the space.

    These people will cut back our revenue! I believe how revenue sharing site work it that they take out a portion (huge portion maybe) and then divide either by the number of users or the number of Virils earned… So they will probably affect us! Anyway, even if not, it’s unfair for people who really try their best to post interesting post here.

    • Thank you, very intelligent perspective and observation, like always…! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I never thought of that, or just wasn’t thinking that way, but you are right….. If there are no posts, then it could only be referrals (just referral views or with sign-ups, but I think that is also hard to manage in that quantity), and there are like 3000 members now, while only a small hand of them post regularly and interact….. Like I said, at one point there were tons of them following me in a row but were never active here, so I’m not sure what is their “role” in that… Maybe it’s a bug they used or something like that… :|/

      Yes, I worried only because of that – if it somehow could affect us….. I’m not sure how revenue calculating functions…..
      There is 1 new comment on my post, take a look at it, and take a look at all the answers, it is about this exactly on this theme and what admins said about it…!!!

      • I am guessing they made use of the glitch with saving drafts to earn points … save a quiz/poll post once, you get 30 Virils, do it a 10 or 30 times then … you can imagine, right?

        They don’t even need to submit anything to get the Virils. And around the time of you posting this post, the admin fixed the glitch … But everything is just my guess …

        • Yes, the first time I noticed it I clicked like 10 times or maybe even more to see will it stop but it didn’t.

          I’m not sure they gained points only after the glitch appeared and because of the glitch…:/ Maybe there are other “glitches” too….. :/
          Really..? Well great if they did, I didn’t notice cause I’m not posting that much lately, but the last time I posted it was still there….. It would be great if they fixed saving drafts too, it can be really bugging sometimes…..

    • Heh… I haven’t noticed, wasn’t checking, but now that you said, yes…, I see…..:||| Don’t know how could this happen and how they manage it…
      I’m also wondering about some of the first 5 places, because no one is commenting on their posts nor do they…!, or they don’t post that often… Once I was asked by one of them (the one that accused me of “spammy” comments…..! :|) “how I manage to go that quickly on the ranks”, and I was like felt sorry for that person and went to see where she is in the ranks and saw she had 2 or 3 times more points than I do, and that she moves that quickly that she earns like 1000 daily or even much more…..! So I asked >her< and she was like "what..? I have more than (I don't remember how many exactly so lets say around:) 500 posts and I share them all everyday on social networks"….. (I think sheduled posts) She even said that she wanted to share other people's posts too….. So, if she earns that much I'm not sure why she asked me the question…..

    • Welcome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahah ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, I noticed it… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am also trying to earn something, but it is primarily to show my (art) work… I don’t know if something like this affect our earnings, hopefully not and hopefully the admins will check that…!

  2. About two months ago I also have seen the phenomenon of this user after he gave me one and only upvote. At that time I saw him in the rank above the 30’s. For a long time I have no longer cared about those who play that way, because once a few months ago I once asked the admin about a member who was only with one post without any other activity in Virily but could bolt into the big 50 and admin give the answer to me with an explanatory tone that compromises it with a logic.

  3. And I am surprised at the facts you have made. I am a regular participant, and I find it difficult to achieve this result. I hope the Administrators do something about it. And in the future these problems will not be repeated. In my opinion, a participant did not visit the site for more than 3 months and no posts automatically dropped.

    • Exactly…..! I am also even surprised with the points of some of the very active users too, it is a very large sum and (at least for me) very hard to achieve (I was always wondering about how they make it?????! :)), and especially with this one, with not 1 post…..
      I hope all of that too, although Albert’s comment (the comment above yours) unfortunately doesn’t imply that….. :/
      Although, I do not agree with the last statement, sometimes people are not able to post, but that doesn’t mean they won’t post again more later…! I, myself, was away for 2,5 months, and couldn’t post because I didn’t have a computer with me…

  4. My guess is they thought they’d get virils for following and quit when they discovered they might actually have to be active in reading and commenting to earn real virils. As to the “fake” member with all those virils, he probably logged in every day and pasted comments into people’s posts. I just hope people who never post don’t get paid. The people who post are the ones who add value to the site that helps earn the money.

    • Could be….. :/ That was, of course, one of my thoughts too… There are only several comments listed on his profile, although it could be he commented before the profile pages started listing our comments….. But he also gains a lot of points almost every day, so it could be a referral program….. :/ But there should be tons of new users then, lol…! ;D

      It’s ok if person is just commenting, but he seems not to comment at all…..! :/

        • Well, yes…..
          I also saw your comment below, there is no reply button for it so I will answer here….. I’m not sure opening and commenting as many posts as possible and getting points where ever it is possible is something that ruins this site….. After all, there are daily limits made probably for that reason… There were points for following at first too, but canceled because everyone started following everyone so the admins temporary canceled that option and invented “send a compliment” option instead….. I’m sure they are “tracking” what people do here and constantly finding solutions…
          In this case, if you read Albert’s comment below, you would see he asked them about this and they had “an explanation”, so maybe there’s nothing wrong with this or other users…. :/

  5. I have experienced this same, getting followers on every post (similar nationality, yes, no post, yes). We had this same problem back in the days on Tsu. No news to me. When you look at how you can earn virils, you see that just by opening a post get you points. So if one has nothing else to do, just opening others posts and maybe put copy past comment on every one of them, can earn you much more then posting, that is, if you have time to do it.

    • Exactly, but there is one problem…, “a catch”….: he has no posts to earn from and there is a daily limit for other actions, and he also never comments…. So it can only be by referring a member, but I’m not sure about that – if he does that….. There are a lot of “users” so that could be, but I also think not enough, because he already earned 500 points from yesterday…

  6. I find this whole post a bit confusing. When I came I noticed there are many who just choose to participate by reading and commenting. Even the number one spot person have very few posts. Then I began to think, traffic is what keeps the sites alive. They would cease to exist if people didn’t come to view. Obliviously in the case you mentioned there is a live person viewing right?

        • “they were all of the similar nationality ” This was what I was referring to. I read the the rules again and Virily says you get things for everything you do here. Some people say you get them for sharing – again look at the person in the number one position and see how many posts that person has. I don’t know I guess if you refer people who never do anything it seems like a waste of time. However the only person ever referred couldn’t even get on the site.

          So I will just keep reading, writing, sharing and hoping. Drama never seems to be the best solution.

          • Oh, ok… maybe it was a race then ;/) You don’t get them for sharing posts…, but for other people opening and reading your shared posts you do… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well it seems it looks sensible to some of them… :/ There were and are many people who joined the site and were/are never active..

          • I think this sort of behavior is what killed Bubblews and Tsu. It’s true that some people from the same country who know each other often engage in cheating together, opening posts without reading them, pasting comments into post after post, following every member they can (at least that doesn’t help you here), and doing anything else to get points. On Tsu they also used stolen photos. I got suspicious and found the original (and unattributed sources) and informed the people who owned the sites she was stealing from. I know there are crooks in every country, but some countries do seem to have a higher concentration of cheaters — maybe because they believe they will never be caught.

  7. On the facebook group people were wondering the same thing. Maybe he collected all the virils with refer subscription and visiting post of the other users. But reaching all that viril points is really hard without posting.

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