Can Ethics Be Taught?

It happens, some people seem to make it through childhood without ever grasping the importance of ethics and how it can be a major character issue when we get it wrong. No one perfect, and still we hope that we are trying to be honest, forthright and ethical in our dealings. Ethics keep us on track and help us to treat people fairly and with respect. 

There may opportunities on Virily to make ethical choices. Here are some things to consider.  If you have a comment to make, it is ethical to break it up into several comments to increase your income? Would the ethical approach to be stop and write a well written response in one comment. Inflating numbers doesn’t help the site at all. 

So lets take a little extra time and write one comment that covers what we have to say. We should be working to keep sites we participate on, ethical, interesting and fresh.

When we share posts do we create accurate tags so the guests get what they expect when they click on the tweet?

No one is perfect, and can we all agree that making the site more ethical is a better approach than self-serving behaviors? Can we all work to be certain that we are participating in an ethical manner.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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