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California woman being rewarded for her honest act of returning money

A California businessman whose name was not released to the public since he is most likely red faced from embarrassment after he had placed a huge amount of cash in his car tire and then drove away from his starting point is thankful that someone cared enough not to steal the money that he had lost in Auburn California on April 3.

Jill James who was driving her auto on a road in Auburn saw dollars bills flying in the air on her driving route when she decided to stop to see what was happening with a huge amount of money blowing in the wind.

When stopped her auto to see what objects were flying in the air on the roadway, she made the discovery that it was money that must have belonged to someone else. Jill with the assistance of another woman was who in the same area. managed to grab all of the dollar bills and place them inside a bag.

Even though Jill was tempted to use the train of thought of “Finders keepers and losers weepers”, Jill believes in the power of karma which dictates that good deeds will be returned when she needs a favor in return.

Jill decided to take the money to the local police department to see if anyone reported the loss of the $14,000 dollars that she found on the road in Auburn.

Sure enough deputies of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) had received a phone call from a businessman who reported the incident of leaving his money inside of a box on the tire of his auto and due to a brain cramp, he forgot to take the money with him on the way to his destination.

Placer County Sheriff Sergeant Tucker Huey admires what Jill did returning the money that she found on the road to the authorities instead of keeping it for herself.

This story has a happy ending since the businessman had his money returned to him by the police later on that same day.

I am sure the businessman will think twice before leaving his money in a box on his auto tire next time he has to take a huge amount of money to its destination since he does not want to tempt fate a second time since honest people like Jill James are only a handful of them. 


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