California Highway Patrol reunites two cubs with their mom

The California Highway Patrol were called by a concerned citizen on Thursday when a mother bear was sad that two of her cubs were trapped inside of a sewer in South Lake Tahoe California.

How did the two cubs get trapped inside a sewer remains a mystery. When the two California Highway Patrol officers arrived at the scene of the incident, the mama bear decided to stay away from the sewer and wait by a tree so that the officers could rescue her two cubs from their trap.

The two cubs were saved from their trap inside of a sewer and returned to their mother who was happy that her two children were able to reunite with their mother.

The story was reported by the social media site Facebook to show that police officers were doing their duty to rescue the two cubs from being stuck inside of a sewer.  ‘

It appears that social media is the newest way to report the good news of events going around the world that the nationwide news seldom reports.


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