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Gift To You…

While the steam from his cappuccino cup evaporates in thru the air,

he calls her on the phone…

When she answers, she responds – breathing in…

and then out as though with the vibrato of a shivering sigh…

He: hey baby,

       how you doing?

She: hey…you?

He: what?

Girl: nothing…

He: say what’s on your mind 

She: nothing, it’s nothing, just nothing.

        anyways I’m fine and you…mister?

He: good, good. but…

       there’s something on your mind…what is it?

She: nothing!

        I’m glad you called…

        I’m just surprised that you called now…

        it seems like it’s been forever, that’s all.

He: yeah I know, 

      no good conversation, no good text in a while,

      on a good note missing you has made me fonder,

      and now your boy right here,

      he got a surprise for you…

She: you do?

He: yes I do…

She: what is it?

He: a surprise…

She: ha, ha, ha…

        what is it?

He: something that could blow your mind…

She: hah!…

         you blow my mind? hmm…

         you got a long way to go…baby boy…

He: are you sure?

       you wanna put that on everything?

She: well…it depends on the surprise…

He: aha…

She: so…

He: so what?

She: so tell me!

He: take it easy there sweet pea.

      you know what they say about patience.

She: yeah, you know what they say about curiosity. huh?

        if you know what’s good for you,

        you better stop playing games and satisfy the cat!

He: wooooo…what you’re gonna do, bite me?

She: I might just if you don’t right this.     

He: check out your inbox

She: for what?

He: a surprise…de moi e toi … 


So he says to himself

Should I or should I not

Would she or would she not?

And in a moment

that couldn’t have come too soon

Like a gift from the Gods

There was a message in the stars…

Driven by the sight

of a million butterflies

He decides

He places his eyes

where his treasure lays

Far, far away

In the heart of a castle

where her chivalry resides…

He is I

And she is you

So just for you

I design a perfume

A designer perfume

De moi e toi en disant


Merci de d’aimer …😉

* * * * * * *


(a product of chivalry)

Designed by him for her…


For the woman who knows

the essence of distinction…


Copyright © 2019               Bradley M. Tremmil     


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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  1. You are such a romantic. I love reading your words. What a lucky lady you talk about in your poems.
    How wonderful it would be to have an exotic perfume named after me. Now that would be a high compliment indeed.

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