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Since it is almost the end of the year, I am going to play around with three series that I love sharing with you all, such as Blog, WOD (workout of the day) and ootd (outfit of the day). Next year I would like to mix the three series together every now and then calling it BWO.  At this very moment I am still thinking how I’m going to title it, but if you see BWO, this is pretty much the content you’ll see. 


My employer asked me to work a shift weeks back but when the time came to work to shift another employee was on that shift. Part of me was happy that I did not have to work the shift because the weather was nice; tolerable for an outdoor workout which is rare in December, plus it allowed me to get rest because I had worked the night prior getting off near midnight. Now, the other half of me was slightly pissed because I got up in the morning and drove over 10 miles for nothing. Gives me an idea of how much I am valued because there was no acknowledgment of me coming in wasting my gas in the process for pretty much nothing. Have you ever dealt with something similar?


~ootd (outfit of the day)~

  1. Cardigan by Kaisely

  2. Skull Cap by Gap

  3. 511 Strauss & Co by Levi’s®

  4. V Neck by Truth, Substance & Common Sense

Never really got the chance to add a pair of my Levis jeans with this cardigan until now. The skull cap was something that I added because of its colors which matched very well with both clothing items. 


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