Brenda's Day Included 3 Geese

Brenda talking- Jazzi and I went for a ride by Birchler’s lake, because her brother went to a sport outing . Then, we saw these geese while right across from us, which I didn’t see it, so Jazzi said,”Lets take a picture” and I did.

I think this photo is a cool looking one, but I am also trying to help my sister that lost her son a short time ago to put her mind on nature. I have to admit that Carol DM started my love for nature to begin, and I thank her. Go to her profile and find her post that shows about the stages of a birds growth. I was trying to post the link but it would not post. I never looked as close about nature until a few months ago. There are so many things to marvel about when it comes to nature and I am going to post more about it.

Many others writers here have inspired me to focus more about what nature is all about, and I thank them as well. 


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna