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Boats Out of Water – A Suite of Photos part 3

Port Townsend Boatyard  – Port Townsend, Washington USA

Before I get too far into documenting some of the boats that come and go in the Port Townsend boatyard I thought it might be wise to post a picture of the largest marine lift in use there. This is the 300 ton lift that is used to get the larger boats in and out of the water. This thing is massive as you can see in relation to the cars and buildings. Those wheels are taller than I am. It is pretty fascinating to watch it in action and if you are with a nine year kid or younger it’s better than Disneyland for them.

Hey, there is an idea for a short little movie clip. I’ll get on that pretty soon, … or soonish.

By the way, we need to respect and protect our oceans or die trying. I mean that almost literally.


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