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When I was a child all things blue made me happy especially a brilliant blue sky in the summertime. Blue is a color that stands for loyalty, honesty, and trust and it can be quiet, reserved and even sincere. You can be sure that you can rely on the color blue to take over control and to do the right thing when times get tough. Just think of the wonderful things which are blue like twilight, the sky, and the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. Remember that the sky is reflected in the waters and can make them appear blue especially on a clear, sunny day.

This color can be soothing and is able to promote both mental and physical relaxation. Blue is a good color to have around as it can reduce stress and it can create a feeling of absolute calm. Like that wonderful feeling of lying on the grass in the summertime looking up at a clear blue sky and watching puffy white clouds like sailing ships float by.

Blue is also the color of religious study, devotion, and spirit and it promotes the need for contemplation and prayer. It is also nostalgic and tends to live in the past but if we are faced with the peacefulness of the color blue we can step back into time and relive some wonderful memories. To feel calm it is a good idea to wear blue gemstones such as blue topaz and blue sapphire. Azurite and Lapis Lazuli are thought to heighten psychic power.

Of course, there are also lovely blue flowers. Those in the photo I took in the spring in my garden.

Shades of Blue:

Pale blue – inspires creativity and the freedom to be able to break free

Turquoise – symbolizes youth and has a most soothing effect. This color also contains green for growth quality along with blue for communication quality. Turquoise is known to have been used in amulets in order to provide health, confidence, protection, and strength.

Sky blue – the calmest of colors. It inspires fidelity and selfless love. In other words, it is the universal healer.

Azure blue – Brings about true contentment and it also inspires an ambition to be able to achieve things and strive for goals and determination.

Dark blue – the color of responsibility and conservatism. Even though this color seems to be calm, cool, and collected it is also the color of the non-emotional worrier which brings with it repressed feelings. Dark blue is also the color of the hypocrite and the pessimist. This is a serious masculine color that represents power, integrity, knowledge, and it is known to be used fairly often in the corporate world.

Now when it comes to blue foods the only two which actually are blue or have some blue are blueberries and blue cheese.


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