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Blog: Self-entitlement on a dating site profile

Other than being befuddled at the lack of responses I get on a certain dating site at times, I enjoy reading others self-entitled information listed on their profiles. It is quite hilarious if you ask me because standards are so high, yet those who post this self-entitlement are not perfect themselves. If you have been married more than once, have more than one father of your child, or have more than one child then what makes you so deserving of all this self-entitlement from the other half?. I honestly do not think that some take a look at themselves as they put their profiles together. My question is, what are you bringing to the table because all I see is leftover baggage from your previous relationships. And self-entitlement is not worth, it just shows that nobody will ever live up to your standards, appearance and success wise which explains why you cannot keep a relationship. Have you ever just sat back and browsed through profiles on any website?

What do you think?

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Written by Thomas Gouard

I'm a military veteran, a Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities, and a college student pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'm a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover. I fell in love with writing during my second semester of college, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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  1. Every member of a dating site should read your article, Thomas! 🙂 An adequate self-esteem and demands that are not exaggerated will save a lot of time for both parties… If a person is not ideal how he/she can claim to have an ideal partner?
    Despite all peculiarities and difficulties of virtual acquaintances, I have examples of happy marriages of people who got in touch through such sites. Both just must be normal and adequate!

  2. I’ve never been on dating sites. You made it sound like some people share ‘shopping lists’, and it’s possible. Perhaps, these people aren’t truly interested in having a relationship, but understanding what their ideal partner would be like, because it seems like they don’t even know it themselves. We all have priorities, but ‘everything’ shouldn’t be one. 😅

    • It is pretty much a shared shopping list that doesn’t exist, lol. It baffles me because it isn’t true love if they meet this certain someone they are looking for that meets these standards. I can meet a woman walking outside of my door, and can easily fall for her personality over her appearance. I would think that others would be similar.

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