Blankets, pillows, and linen – How to store them when they are not in use

Summer is on its way and the last thing we want is thick, heavy and warm blankets on our beds in the scorching heat and humidity surrounding us. The duvets, linen, and comforters have to part ways with the bed for at least until we start getting glimpses of fall. Storing these winter bedding items may not be as easy as it sounds. People face major issues with long term storage is their size and the area they occupy plus the chances of it getting infected by bugs or mold or get damaged by dust and dirt. The problem regarding the lack of space can be resolved by hiking a self-storage unit and the damage caused by moths and mildew can be tackled using a few well-known hacks. In order to stow them away perfectly for the season keep the following pointers in mind.

The first step is to get the bedding clean and dry

Before storing the quilts and blankets, give them a proper wash using cold water on a delicate cycle. It is necessary to clean them as such because the sheets touch our skin directly and are prone to collecting oils, dust, skin cells, etc. dry the bedding according to the requirements mentioned in their care labels. Make sure that they have dried adequately before thinking about stashing them. Any amount of residual moisture in the throws or blankets and acts as a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Use storage bags to protect the material from environmental

It is usually not advised to keep the bedding bare while storing them for a very long time. There are several different types of bags that can be used to cover linen, blankets, and pillows. The best option is to use a cotton bag as they keep the harmful substances away along with giving room for the material to breathe at the same time. There are other options as well to keep the blankets and duvets in good condition. One of them is to use vacuum bags. This gives the users a  dual advantage by keeping the material protected as well as saving up some space simultaneously.

Probable storage spaces that can be used

If you are lucky enough to be equipped with a linen closet you can organize and place all your winter bedding there. It is essential to keep it well-maintained in order to maximize space. If you do not have a special closet for these items you can use other smart alternatives like space under the bed or an ottoman. The attic also serves as a likely space for keeping your winter necessities. If you cannot fit your bedding in any of the above-mentioned spaces it is best to hire a self-storage unit. Such self-storage units present multiple benefits and come with customizable options like desired sized along with temperature control options. Having these in your backyard will not obstruct your routine life and also ensure that your quilts and linen ae well protected.


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