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I got a question?????

Is it Harassment if a bill collector keeps calling you none stop all day long?

WELL ……. heres my story

Same person/company but calls with a different number each time 4 times in a row about 1 min apart then waits like 30 mins and then do it all over again

So just a few mins ago i answered he asked for jenny i said you got wrong number now he called back 6 times and the last time he replied to the answering machine with really rude – ish voice yelled JENNY……………….. and then hung up

Every 15  to 30 mins they will call again and again and again 4 time with different numbers with the last call with there main number.In total they call about 30 times a day if not more

They have been calling  Monday – Sunday and they start calling at 7 am ish to about 10pm at night

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve had calls where the person asks for me and can’t pronounce my name. I’ve said “if you can’t say his name right you have no business talking to him” and hung up. I have a cellphone with caller ID so once I get an annoying call like that I save the number and name it “Jerk” or “annoying” then I can screen and reject the calls.

  2. I hate that! What I have been doing lately is picking up the phone, and not saying anything. Its pretty hilarious because some will leave a message or keep repeating hello, and eventually hang up. The frustrating thing is when they don’t leave a message, which leaves me wondering who in the world is calling

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