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I got a question?????

Is it Harassment if a bill collector keeps calling you none stop all day long?

WELL ……. heres my story

Same person/company but calls with a different number each time 4 times in a row about 1 min apart then waits like 30 mins and then do it all over again

So just a few mins ago i answered he asked for jenny i said you got wrong number now he called back 6 times and the last time he replied to the answering machine with really rude – ish voice yelled JENNY……………….. and then hung up

Every 15  to 30 mins they will call again and again and again 4 time with different numbers with the last call with there main number.In total they call about 30 times a day if not more

They have been calling  Monday – Sunday and they start calling at 7 am ish to about 10pm at night


What do you think?

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