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Portrait photography is the most liked photography by everyone, and this is the only photographs which are available in all types of photography if it is wedding, fashion, corporate or event photography. A portrait pictures are liked by everyone because you only get your picture and the photographer portray your image in stylish and impressive way which makes the portrait picture most flattering.  In Portrait photography there are two types one is outdoor portrait photography and other is indoor portrait photography. So in both of the photography the difference you will get it is the difference of lighting. In indoor portrait photography you need more artificial lights in comparison of outdoor portrait photography. Amit  films is the best studio in Lucknow who is serving their optimum and great service of photography for years to Lucknowites. They have the best candid photographers in Lucknow. So in this blog Amit films brought you tips regarding indoor portrait photo shoot for newbie photographers.

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Tips for indoor portrait photography

Likewise every family loves to be clicked their photos at outdoors with their loved ones, but what, if they have new born guest.  In that case, most of the families request to their photographer, that he captures some portrait image of their new born son and daughter at their home. But   in indoor portrait photography you have to pay attention so many things. So there are some tips which will provide you great help regarding indoor portrait photography. The tips are discussed below:-

  • Lens: – Lenses are the most important thing if you are going for some special type of  photo shoot. 35 and 50 mm camera is the best and most recommended camera for indoor portrait photo shoot.  These lenses will easily give you the flexibility in maintain frames for family portrait photo.
  • Manual settings: – If you are doing indoor portrait photo shoot then wider aperture and high ISO is good to capture the portrait picture in the house. The aperture is also referred as f-number in photography and it is used to allow the light to enter in the camera.
  • Flash bouncing: – Flash bouncing is the way by which you can control the light in the photos. It is kind of helpful experiment you can do and it has been applied by so many photographers. The bouncing flash is very much effective. You only need to do is to rotate the flash 45 degree above and then click the photograph the flash will bounce back and you will get the amazing results.

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