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Being miserable is a choice with no advantages

       Just like the happiness, being miserable is a choice! Almost everyone who is miserable decides to follow this path just because he is hungry for attention. There is a brief but quite fair reason why this is true.

Usually the people who seek for attention have a lack of confidence and they always need proof from the majority that surrounds them that they are worth it. They do not see the beauty in themselves therefore put  focus on the weak spots of their character and this is what expands. Just like the rest of the world they are free to chose for themselves once the damage is done. The options are two:

Keep on with the negativity and expect nothing which final result won’t be any better,


Follow the bright side and hope for the best by appreciating all they’ve learned, all they’ve went through and all they’ve lost!

One can either be sad and scream out loud all the opportunities he’s missed or be confident and never lower his standards just because something went out of the path. 

In the lifetime one faces numberless obstacles which help them create and strengthen his character, decide what’s best for him, learn from the lesions he experiences on his own skin and show his real value. That’s why different people have different characters, make different choices and follow different paths. Only small group of people realizes that sometimes not getting what one wants is a wonderful stroke of luck!

The sooner you wake up inside yourself, the sooner you face your responsibilities and hug your weaknesses, the better life you are most likely to have. To tell that nothing lasts forever, both good but especially bad, is to tell but half of the story about the life. In order to keep the balance inside you, whenever you feel that little kick that tries to knock you down just remember to stand strong like a tree in a wind because a bad day does not mean a bad life! 

Look not for proofs from the others, compare yourself to no one, believe in no one but yourself and make sure you understand that you only live once which is enough info not to destroy the beautiful soul that lives inside your physical body!

You are whatever you choose to be! You are what the shape of your dreams is! Don’t sell it for sympathy nor little attention because everyone is too busy trying to save himself!


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  1. Very great post, and I instantly thought of one of my classmates, who always has something negative going on her in her life that she complains about. She thinks that someone is always out to screw her around. Just recently I had a conversation with her, explaining to her that whatever happened happened, but dwelling on it won’t change that negative outcome that just happened.

    • You are right! I can not agree more! Actually, what you have to do is avoid such negative and toxic people! Get them out of your life and you’ll see the difference! They even influence the others around them or share the negativity they have inside!


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