Beer Run for the Pilgrims

Back in grade school sitting in my history class, I would hear pilgrims this and pilgrims that and I was already tired about hearing about that Plymouth Rock. Many years later and all grown up how I loved The Addams Family’s second movie Addams Family Values and their version of the Pilgrims and the Indians during Thanksgiving. Now I have found an even stranger version of why they stopped at Plymouth Rock.

It begins, as usual, the Pilgrims journeyed from England to America. However, what I did not know was that they were actually heading for New York. Unfortunately, somebody decided that beer was running short and decided to stop by Plymouth Rock. This is where I get confused because it was not like they were going to be able to run into a convenience store and pick up cases of beer. So where at Plymouth Rock they were going to get beer is a mystery to me.

Besides according to facts the ship The Mayflower was carrying 10,000 barrels of wine and supposedly was also carrying a large supply of beer. Supposedly they thought they could not get as far as New York before the beer ended which they also used for hydration. So, as far as I know, they stopped at Plymouth Rock and also stayed there and did not venture on to New York. Where they got beer I have no idea but it would certainly take a long time to grow the hops and begin brewing beer. Well, they had wine and I guess that was all right. Then came the first Thanksgiving and the meeting with Native Americans and we know food was served but if they also served wine no one has said.



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