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Becoming What You Hate

Fatty fatty 2 x 4 can`t get through the Kitchen door was chanted at the brother in law that was more than mean, her sister that is 18 years her senior had married.

About the same age as the brother in law was when she chanted those ugly words, she too had became a fatty, so much so kids stared, pointed and laughed.

He had a thing about noses, and would often make fun of people with a big nose, being conceded, he thought his was perfect.

One day a spot came on his nose after a sunburn, skin cancer. Not once but time and time again till his nose no longer looked like the perfect nose he had.

She was a little crazy about germs, she hated spot worst than anything. Seeing spot actually made her gag.

One day her husband came down with cancer, he coughed and spot daily for nearly four years.

What am I saying?

Don`t become what you hate.

Don`t hate at all and deal with what comes your way, fat people, big noses or sick.

By Andria Perry

Photos By Pixabay.

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Written by Andria Perry

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