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Bean Counters!

This post will make a whole lot more sense if you read this first. 

If we are going to make a thousand wishes we needed to know what 1000 looked like. Children often need something concrete to tie an idea to and beans were Grandpa’s answer. It was quite the adventure and we used a variety of methods to get it done. We started out with piles of 10!

After three days of spreading out our counting, we were all satisfied that we knew what a thousand looked like and how many wishes that would really be. They began to realize this was truly going to be a “job” not just a project. We have a democracy, Grandpa is President, I am Vice President and the grandsons are the minions. (The minions will be taller than me in less than a month and I am sure will challenge my position.)

Grandpa (the President) said we all needed to think about the wishes because they don’t just come true because you want them to come true. It takes work. He also noted the differences in making wishes for others and wishes for ourselves. He adjourned the meeting and said we would reconvene to complete the plan in two days. (They went to get the dictionary to figure out what reconvene meant.)

This adventure is not over. We are still in the process.  So again, it’s only fair to offer you the choice. Do you want to know how things are working out?


What do you think?


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    • Well, we did have a cabinet meeting. We decided that the first 100 wishes needed to be made not for things we wanted for ourselves, but things we wanted for others. We decided they couldn’t be for family members either. We needed to go outside our little circle. Today everyone gets to present their list. It could be quite interesting or it might contain no surprises at all. We are unveiling those first 100 this evening.


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