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Bamboo rafts, Nam Pan Lake, Sang Khom UdonThani

Bamboo rafts, Nam Pan Lake,  Welcome for a look at how we relax on the lake we have lunch  eat and drink and can go for a swim. Lovely place to visit if you are ever up in UdonThani in North Thailand. We can Show lots more photos if you like we have over 100 on the Scan Disc.  Welcome to share my photos with other.  Welcome back soon to see more info and more photos.


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Written by Charles law


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  1. Thats awesome. There is no creativity or cultural heritage here in the USA. Also the US Coast Guard and Lake Police would arrest you if you attempted to set sail in one of these. Many years ago as a child my friends and I would build rafts out of logs tied and nailed together. We would hoist a sail made from an old bed sheet one of our Mothers would give us. But those days are long gone. My Kids and Grandkids are so involved in their personal devices they think ‘Outside: means walking from the house to the Car to go shopping. Sad days indeed.

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