Avert the Disaster: Effective Ways of avoiding Plumbing Nightmares

Let’s face it; Life is so strange, and homeownership is associated with many unexpected expenses and sometimes troubles. One of these issues is plumbing nightmares and can happen to anyone. Keeping your sanity amidst the uncertainty or when handling plumbing issues can prove challenging. Thus, one thing you should never do is to add to the list of strenuous activities around your home by creating plumbing nightmares.

Failure to follow the right steps during installation and ignoring the regular maintenance of the piping system in your home can result in endless plumbing problems. Here are effective ways of averting all the plumbing disasters in your home.

First things first: Choose the right pipes

Installing the wrong pipes means endless plumbing issues in your property. The material from which the pipes and fixtures are made of has an impact on the durability of your piping system. However, proper maintenance can always enhance the lifespan of pipework considerably.

Hard water (with high levels of mineral content) can wreak havoc on your property. Thus, you should always consult with a professional to help you choose the right pipes. If they are already installed, and you aren’t sure of the nature of the pipes, you can perform a simple online search for ‘plumbers near me’ and choose a certified one.

Look out for leaching

Polybutylene and lead pipes should be replaced regardless of how long they have been in use. This is because lead pipes can leach harmful substances such as lead into the drinking water, resulting in severe and lasting health issues. On the other hand, polybutylene pipes were a popular, cheap alternative in the 1970s. However, these pipes have caused property owners a series of problems associated with unexpected breakages and leaks.

The brown stuff

Check the water in your sink basin or tub. Does it appear unattractively yellow or brown? If yes, rust may be taking advantage of your property’s pipework. This issue is common especially if you have been away for a very long time. In such cases, the water sitting dormant in the pipes will have enough time to collect a large number of rust particulates. It’s advisable to replace the pipes as soon as you notice this brown substance in your water.

Consider killing two birds with one stone

Are you remodeling your home? It’s wise to get a plumber inspect your property’s pipework to identify what needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Performing the two tasks at the same time is cheaper than when handling them separately. Most of the professional plumbers near me will advise you to perform these tasks at the same time.

Keep an eye on your water bills

Keep a watchful eye on the water-related bills you pay. Do you notice any unexpected increases? Note that a sudden uptick in water usage can mean your pipes are leaking. Another way of detecting leaks is to find out whether there is water pulling below different fixtures. Besides, clogged pipes and drains can also result in increased water-related bills. Therefore, if you’re curious what your kids are pushing into the pipes or drains, it’s time to seek professional help. A simple online search for plumbers near me to get the top plumbing service providers.


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