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August 2019 Cats Cards

I decided to use 5 cards for this month’s meditation. After shuffling the cards, I randomly pick 5 cards. 

For the 1st week of August, I got the 15th card, Demon Cat, but it is in reverse. I have turned toward the light, and liberation is currently happening from harmful habits and actions that were controlling me, which are now diminishing and will soon altogether be vanquished. I should use willpower and make permanent positive changes in my life. This first week will be a transitional time, where I will likely need support from encouraging people. My first three days of August have somewhat been quite interesting. A small lizard unexpectedly entered my townhouse on Thursday, and I am not sure where it is at right now. On Friday, there was a power outage blackout from 6 pm to 11 pm. I continue my resting hiatus to get enough sleep, relax and hydrate in order to fix my gut issues, not become dehydrated, and hopefully get back to normal.

For the 2nd week of August, I got 0—The Cat card. I should remain fully present at each moment as I live my daily life. I need to focus on whatever makes me happy, and then welcome fate and opportunities that will follow soon after. I should use my senses to move toward happiness ahead, which includes smelling lovely flowers, opening my eyes to all the beauty around me, and awakening to the wonder of life. This picture is also about taking relaxing strolls in nature to enjoy the flowers, birds, bees, greenery, sunsets, sunshine, and whatever I encounter on my way. 

For the 3rd week of August, I got the 10th card of the major arcana, which is The Wheel. But it is in reverse. Things are happening fast beyond my control. I need to align with whatever God intends for me by meditating, praying, and watching for signs that will provide guidance for my next action. I need to trust God that everything will work out. Wherever I am now on the Wheel of Fate, I will be somewhere else soon after because life will bring me constant changes on a daily basis. Wait for the wheel to turn and move along with the changes. The effects of the spinning wheel of fate and changes will likely feel more intense. Therefore, I need to focus in order to remain balanced, alert, aware, and grounded, which will help me regain my own natural centered being and return to my normal life again.

For the 4th week of August, I got Fire Tom. This card has to do with having courage and being bold, which will help me overcome challenges. I just need to remain calm, relaxed, and clear-headed, before proceeding with caution. I need to trust in whatever I learned and gained via trial and error. I need to go after what I want, take action, and achieve my goals by moving swiftly and confidently toward my goals.

For the 5th week of August, I got Sky Tom. It is in reverse. It indicates that I have compassion for others. I will continue to gain maturity and growth, as I learn a new way to become successful in the world or life.


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