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Army Tank (Photography)

In town we have this army tank placed outside of the local swimming pool. I thought it would be a nice photography subject.

If you notice the watermark, it says PoeticEnigma Photography–that’s me. I used to go by PoeticEnigma when I used to write on older sites (like Triond).  If it was a newer photo, I’d put my new water mark.

What do you all think of this photograph?  Do you think the army tank is a good photography subject?

I will have more photos to come soon. I was posting so many art pieces, I forgot to share my photography.


What do you think?

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  1. I love it, and it is indeed a great subject. I would of been close taking shots of the nuts and bolts. Literally. lol I know you got some like that. Not many people get to see a tank..