Are you an impulsive shopper?

Some people buy for needs and some buy for their desires. Some people are wise when it comes to shopping. They make a list before going out to shop. They preferably shop with cash and spend within their budget. They carefully analyze and compare prices before making a purchase. Such people rarely buy on an impulse and they are thoughtful shoppers. Such people know their limits and thus their shopping is based on their needs. They hardly get into debt because they spend within their means.

On the other hand, some people buy on an impulse. Shopping is a way to combat stress or boredom for some people. Such people generally always carry their credit cards with them and buy things on an impulse even when they don’t need them. When one tends to shop with credit cards then more or less, they tend to go over budget. As a result, they often get into debt. Such people need to understand that impulsive shopping is not a solution to their life’s boredom or frustrations. Impulsive shopping can provide them temporary relief, happiness and excitement but it’s not long lasting. It’s best that impulsive shoppers carry only cash with them so that they spend only within their limit.

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