Are Seminary Schools in Orlando, Florida Worth it?

If you want to be a pastor, missionary, or otherwise serve full time in ministry, you may be on the fence as to whether going to college is for you. After all, no one can learn to be called from God. So, is it really necessary? Yes and no. Let’s look more into it.

Let’s consider a different example. Many people would say that the most important thing for a veterinarian is to love animals. Would you agree? No one can teach someone to love animals- an individual either has a strong caring feeling for their well being or they don’t. Yet, no one would want to take their beloved pet to a veterinarian that loves animals and has no formal training. You would only trust someone with a love for animals, plus the education and experience to back up their claims that they will do a good job. Being in full-time ministry is no different!

Seminary school takes what you are naturally good at and makes you even better. So, it is not true that seminary school is completely voluntary and you can be great at your job without it. With that in mind, let’s look at a few other myths regarding seminary schools in Orlando, FL:

#1 Seminary schools in Orlando, FL are expensive. Many people want to avoid getting their formal education because they think they cannot afford it. The amount of financial aid (like scholarships, grants, fellowships, etc.) available makes it one of the most affordable graduate degrees. Many seminaries are largely supported by endowments that greatly subsidize the cost of tuition, so you can receive enough grants from the school itself, plus your church and denomination that you do not have to take out loans to pay for this degree.

#2 It isn’t just going to church. Other people think seminary school isn’t necessary because they get the same information from church. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You will be writing long papers, taking tests, listening to expert lectures, and reading thousands of pages. Why? So you absolutely know everything there is to know about the Bible, your faith, and how to help people.


#3 You have to be perfect. Perhaps for others, they want to help people and follow God’s calling in their life, but they aren’t “good” enough to actually be in seminary school. That is the devil telling you lies! No one is perfect, not even students in seminary school or those who graduate and become full-time pastors. You don’t need to be sinless to go to a faith-based school, simply trying to be better every day and loving others.

There are many paths to serving God, not all of them straight and simple. You see, while it may be possible to work full time in the church without a seminary degree, it isn’t what is best for everyone. You will know more and therefor be able to help more with a formal education to backup your love.


What do you think?

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