App Created by Rhodes College Students Takes Off

Whether you’re trying to get money for college books, or just want to save some for a good weekend outing, we all know how hard it is to find spare cash for all the teenage needs and even harder for entertainment purposes. Students always try to find something suitable for their career path and schedule, but it all turns out to be a huge hassle. Your day is already busy with classes and even writing services like on this site are not helpful with their prices anymore. It’s burdensome to find a place with a good salary, interesting tasks and a schedule that you can build up yourself.

We also often hear about start-ups and sometimes we want to create our own and pray for the best, or… try and join someone else’s original idea and work under their wing, right? The amount of new businesses being born in the past years is overwhelming, crazy and spectacular. Well, for some people these come along naturally.

Startup popularity and demand for work were exactly the reasons for Rhodes College students to create an app called QuikFix. And even if they didn’t exactly plan it to be so huge, it grew and helped a lot of teenagers in their area.

What is QuikFix?

In several words, QuikFix is basically a working app created exclusively for students. It doesn’t matter what your specialty is because it’s mostly based on doing “odd” jobs for normal citizens.

What can you do via Quikfix?

  1. cut back yards, trim bushes, plant flowers;
  2. develop apps, create logos, make game designs;
  3. wash and walk a dog;
  4. move and arrange furniture and so on.

That’s right, just by doing some casual things you usually do for your family or friends, you can quickly save some money for a trip with your friends, new video game, a bunch of college books or writing service – anything you desire. Moreover, it can be arranged at any time – that’s why you don’t have to skip class and lose your grade for money like you have to when you get a full-time position.

On the other hand, this app can be a perfect way for you to avoid your housework. Just by paying students in need, you can get all your housework done or request some help if you live alone and want to decorate your room, for example.

How did the idea come to life?

The founders of the app, Ben Siegel, Parker Pell, and Evan Deere, were just looking out for jobs themselves, trying to make some money on daily a basis and not ruin their established routine. Well, they were so hardworking that the amount of work grew more and more. Eventually, they had to look for other students, who wanted to make pocket money.

A casual idea grew out into a business, and that’s how QuikFix was created. Now, after almost two years, there are over 350 students working through the app only in Memphis, and even more in the Nashville area, where the app became so popular, founders just couldn’t leave it out. While students are demanding more, our three young bosses try and achieve their dream while curating as much as they can.

What should I do to use the service?

If you’re a customer, you have to create a job request on the website. You simply type in what you need to be done, indicate a date and time when a student should show up, an address, your mobile number or e-mail address and your payment details which will be used to pay for the services. Most of the time, the job is accepted pretty quickly, from 4 to 24 hours and students always show up to help.

In case you’re a student worker – you can access the information through the app and pick the job that you want to complete. You should have your student e-mail to register and get yourself an official verified account. After you’re accepted, you will be called “a fixer”, and then you’re ready to go and make some money. All the services can be completed for usual pay in a 15-mile radius, otherwise, customers pay students extra for their way to the needed location.

How much can I earn through the app?

While QuikFix takes a small commission for their services, customers usually pay around $25 an hour, whereas students earn from $15-20 an hour from the customer (excluding the extra pay for out of region zones). Even if the amount is not huge, it’s usually enough to make students interested in the job and customers satisfied with the commission they have to pay. However, if you’re lucky, you can also be tipped by the customer in cash, otherwise, all the money comes to your credit card.

What are the benefits of QuikFix?

  1. College towns are getting friendlier and people work together for the best. While you’re running someone’s errands or taking your time cleaning their place, it’s easy to make friends and get to know other students.
  2. Students make some casual money by doing what they can in a suitable time, so they can pay their student loan or just save money for a fun time.
  3. Some teenagers actually got real full-time jobs and opened new opportunities for them through working via the app that Ben, Parker, and Evan created.


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