Another New Month…with spring cleaning & new beginning

Friday, June 1, 2018

I woke up early to take out the trash, fed Gumby, and just lounged in bed. I eventually got out of bed to do some retouching of artwork. It seemed to be a nice. warm and sunny day today, inviting me to go outside. Plus, I need some natural Vitamin D. So, I decided to go to this evening’s walking meetup, even though I was sneezing all day. I noticed more Geese and gosling family outings around the manmade lake as well as some ducks. Afterwards, I went out for a snack at a Pizza90 with some women, but I wasn’t hungry. I just bought a cold drink–San Pellegrino, blood orange flavor.

Then, at 8 pm, I returned home, in which I remember the townhomes community will be having its annual garage sale. I decided that I needed to do some spring cleaning, but I seem to use everything around me. So, I think I will do spring cleaning of what’s in the garage. I want to wake up early to take out some stuff by my garage to see if anyone wants it. I will probably charge low prices. I die


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