And Once Upon a Time – Part 15

For a forever moment I stood by the monitor, ;remembering Zennie. The happy moments, the love, and then, that last part, the part that ended with me saying to my lawyer;

Can I give her the trailer, and whatever else she wants in return for her leaving me alone for ther est of my life? Never see her, hear her, anything? Can I?”

A man in love doesn’t say those things. Doesn’t reach that point where his ego is more important than the relationship.

A man in love can be angry, but would never walk out and keep walking.

A man in love, truly in love, who wants to spend his life with a particular woman, doesn’t find the exit and run.

So now, standing there, I ask myself the key question;  Was I ever truly in love with Zennie, or was I in love with the concept?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar