And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 2

Joe Rashford Grindley, Great Grandson of Edward Rashford, had grown up with the mentality of a millionaire and the bank balance of a bus driver.

He didn’t know that his father, an average businessman, had supported him. He thought he lived on ‘legacy’ money.

When Grindley died, he left the house to his wife, Selma, and an Insurance Policy with Joe as the beneficiary.

Selma had received small monthly grants for Joe’s upkeep during the years.

The policy had been taken out when Ten Thousand Dollars was money.

When Joe reached eighteen, even had the money remained intact, even if it had garnered interest, it would be the price of a small economy car.

As Joe knew nothing about the family ‘fortune’ , how it was made, how it was lost,  he blamed his mother.  He blamed his mother for buying junk she called antiques.

Blamed his mother for not sending him to private school or university.

Now,  he gets a call from a cleaner at her workplace, claiming his mother was gravely ill and he should come at once.


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Written by jaylar

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