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An invisible telepathic bridge

Have you ever happened to think of someone, and to appear in front of you, to meet him suddenly? Probably ever. Especially interesting, when it comes to a person you have not seen long ago, you have not thought of him for months or years. Undoubtedly, the thought of him appears in your head, and behold, he is in front of you. This is one option. And when you are deeply in love and your loved one’s face is always on the streets in the faces of others? It is not inconceivable at last that he himself should appear.

Being one wave with your beloved is the surest sign that there is an emotional energy between you, and God knows what flows, or in other words, that without words, love is there. And if this happens sometimes to you as a couple and years later together – there is nothing more wonderful. This is a sure sign that love is alive and strong, though slightly overwhelmed by everyday loads. But beneath the pile of weekly problems, her heart throbs in unchanged rhythm.


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