An Author Who Loved Nature

John Burroughs was an author who many people don’t remember. He was not among the most popular but he had a keen eye for nature. Burroughs came into this world on April 3, 1837, on a farm near Roxbury, New York. He became known for the things he observed in the world surrounding him. He enjoyed describing the beauty of the Catskill Mountains in New York State.

He spent time in Washington D.C. as a teacher, journalist and treasury clerk. Afterward, he returned to the Catskill Mountains. His first book “Wake Robin” was published in 1871 and in 1874 he settled down on his own small farm in Esopus. He began writing full time. His essay topics ranged from birds and nature to religion and literature.

John Burroughs Homestead

People enjoyed his writing about the beauty of nature in books such as “Birds and Poets” and “Ways of Nature”. He is best described as an American naturalist and nature essayist. He was active in the U.S. conservation movement. He received the nickname “Grand Old Man of Nature”. In later years he resembled Father Time with his long white beard and hair.

Woodchuck Lodge

In all, he wrote 23 volumes of essays and in his later years at Woodchuck Lodge in Roxbury, he received guests like John Muir, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone. Burroughs died while traveling on a train from California on March 29, 1921, and was laid to rest on his 84th birthday by his beloved Boyhood Rock on Old Clump Mountain in Roxbury.

Boyhood Rock


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