An act of kindness aboard an American Airlines flight goes viral

Kelsey Zwick who is a mother of an 11 month old baby girl named Lucy who suffers from severe chronic lung disease is very happy that a passenger aboard an American Airlines flight from Orlando Florida to Philadelphia Pennsylvania was considerate toward the couple that he decided to give up his seat which is the front of the airplane and switched his seat so Kelsey and Lucy could sit in the front area of the plane while he took his seat in the middle section of the airplane.

Lucy was going to accompany her mother to a Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia to be treated for her illness. I know these kind of stories where an act of kindness to another person will get minimal evening news coverage until the final segment of the telecast.

Kelsey is trying to find the name of the kind gentleman who decided to follow the act of giving up his seat to a complete stranger. Kelsey did share her story on social media so she can thank him for being considerate that Lucy would feel more comfortable in the first class section of the American Airlines from Orlando to Philadelphia since the gentleman since he felt pity for Lucy since she wearing a mask so she could breathe.

My best wish would be for Lucy to recover from his illness as soon as possible. What is so amazing of this holiday season is that due to the invention of social media, good deed performed are recorded so we the people can see that our world is all not darkness and evil.



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