America You’re Beautiful

I think you might find this poem interesting. We just celebrated the Fourth of July and I wrote this poem way back in 2009 when I was homesick and it was just another day in Latvia on the Fourth of July. That is why I so enjoyed going to the Fourth of July picnics the US Embassy hosted. 

America you’re beautiful

The land of my birth

The glory of your independence

and the wonder of your people.

America you’re beautiful

The mighty Mississippi

and the grandeur of the Great Lakes.

Your national parks and monuments

The Rockies reaching for the sky.

America you’re beautiful

Large cities bound by skyscrapers

and wondrous, tall bridges.

Small towns with friendly people

and strong traditions.

America you’re beautiful

Red, white and blue

Fifty stars shining bright

May you banner forever wave

America you’re beautiful!


What do you think?


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  1. Small towns and Bit Cities are really different in the US. I remember (twice) moving from a big city to a small town and it is a little jarring.

    But the poem is lovely. I like the way you took the framing from the song and created something unique!


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