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Alphabet Photo Challenge: The Letter "C"

Letter “C” brings me to Coffee.  I love coffee and confess to being a coffee addict.  I will drink coffee all day long sometimes.  I love regular coffee and also flavored coffee.  

Are you a coffee lover?  And if so, what flavors do you like?


What do you think?

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Written by Karen Gros

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          • Wow, thanks, glad you like it…! Well, I’m already putting my coffee pictures when I’m expressing my opinions about Virily (not always but often) so that was kinda my idea but it also depends on the Virily theme I’m writing about so it’s actually not always just a simple “coffee talk” but a serious theme so I’m not sure if it will always fit but I AM thinking about it…! – maybe just for those “light” themes, I’m not sure, what do you think…? :/ 🙂 I also have a couple of other Virily articles to publish before I could present that idea but I will see, maybe I will just put it in the middle of it all, hehehe… 😉 Can you wait a little bit more, or if not maybe you could post it too…

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